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About us

The company “Sweet Life” represents a new direction in the field of fast food: the realization of freshly brewed hot corn on the cups. To that end brand “PAN KUKU” was created in 2016 by us. We offer fast food in “wellness” format, as the natural fresh corn – this is a useful product of nature itself. In addition, we are preparing corn on the equipment of its own production, which has a high aesthetic appeal. We want each person name “PAN KUKU” was associated with the highest quality mark in all: delicious, high-quality, healthy product, high quality service, vivid emotions and good impressions.

Our concept in the relationship with our customers – this is in excess of the exchange, ie, We strive to exceed all expectations and provide each customer more than he expects. We are planning to develop in Poland, as well as in other EU countries.

For this purpose we franchising effective strategy has been developed. We believe that our proposed franchise is an example of one of the most attractive and profitable from those that now exist in the market. Small investments, highly liquid product, the relevance of fast food, bright, attracts the attention of potential customers equipment, advertising and information support of the franchisor will ensure business success for any entrepreneur.

“Stay with us! Be like us! Be better than us! Together we will conquer the world!”

Why Pan Kuku?

Quality products

Pan Kuku company cooperates only with the best suppliers. Visited various farms and selects only quality products, top grade. The products we sell meet all standards and have all the necessary certificates.


We care about the health of our customers so we use only natural, environmentally friendly products, which does not contain dyes, flavorings, preservatives and GMOs. All our products pass all necessary tests, as confirmed by national and international documents.

Modern equipment

For the preparation of hot corn, we use reliable equipment, time-tested. Pan Kuku monitors new technologies and recipes that would make even tastier hot corn. All our products pass all necessary tests, as confirmed by national and international documents.


By purchasing a franchise from the Pan Kuku you get rid of a large risk as most of the problems have been solved. You will get all the necessary knowledge according to business management, all the necessary equipment and materials, as well you do not have to invest a lot of money in advertising and marketing.


Pan Kuku – is friendly and close-knit team. You can always turn to us for advice. We are happy to share our many years of experience and will try to warn you of possible errors that are inevitable in the beginning.